Our fiber optic adapters include FC, SC, ST, DIN, FC-ST and FC-SC types.  

Fiber optic adapters

  • FC, SC, ST, DIN, FC-ST, SC-FC, etc.
  • Zirconia or bronze sleeves
  • Single mode and multimode
  • Durable 
Fiber optic adapter is a device used to connect two fiber optic connectors together. For example, if two male fiber optic connectors are required to connect, a fiber optic adapter can be used with a female interface at both ends. Fiber optic adapter uses zirconia or phosphor phosphor bronze sleeve for precious alignment of two ferrules of two mating connectors.
Adapter Type Insertion Loss Repeatability
(500 matings)
SC Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
FC Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
ST Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
DIN Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
SC-FC Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
SC-ST Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
FC-ST Adapter < 0.3dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△

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