Fiber optic E-2000 patch cord is now available from PI. Our fiber optic E-2000 patch cords use either Diamond or R & M E-2000 connectors. Our E-2000 patch cords have UPC single mode, APC, and multimode available.  

E-2000 Patch Cord

  • Latched push-pull operation
  • Automatic metal shutter on connector
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Good exchangeability
  • Good repeatability
E-2000 fiber optic patch cord
Fiber optic E-2000 patch cords are designed for variety of applications of Telecommunication, CATV, LAN, etc. Our E-2000 patch cords comply to PREN 186270, IEC61754 and CECC 86275-801 (PC) and CECC 86275-802 (APC). E-2000 incorporates many innovative features to address the needs of users.
Connector Type Insertion Loss Return Loss Repeatability
(500 matings)
E-2000 Multimode < 0.3dB - < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
E-2000 Single mode < 0.4dB 50 dB  < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
E-2000/APC Single mode < 0.4dB 60 dB < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
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