PI's Outdoor Wall/Pole mount FTTX Cabinets are weather-proof enclosures for splitting and redistributing optical signals for FTTX networks.  

Outdoor Wall/Pole Mount
   FTTX Cabinets

  • Wall or pole mountable
  • Front door access
  • Keyway entry
  • Provides fiber splicing, splitting and termination in one unit
  • Fiber bend radius control
  • High density
  • Made from Galvanized steel sheet or Polymer
  • Universal adapter plug-in fits a variety of adapters such as SC, FC, LC, etc.
  • Oblique installation of adapters to avoid laser hazard

The outdoor wall/pole mount FTTX cabinets are environmentally sealed enclosures for splitting and redistributing optical power from feeder fibers to distribution fibers for FTTX networks. They are also designed for fiber splicing, termination, and management.

Each enclosure incorporates a front panel, which has universal adapter plug-ins and splitter mounts.
Model Capacity No. of Splitter No. of Splice Tray Weight Size Material
ODF-OW1 24 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 2 up to 10 7.5kg 390x380x135mm3 Galvanized steel sheet
ODF-OW2 48 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 2 up to 10 9kg 506x390x140mm3 Galvanized steel sheet
ODF-OC3 48 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 3 up to 9 8.5kg 400x400x200mm3 Polymer
ODF-OC4 144 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 12 up to 26 12kg 500x500x300mm3 Polymer

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