Fiber optic MTP patch cord cable assembly now available from PIL. Our MPT patch cords feature with high density, compact size and push-pull latching mechanism.  

Specialty Patch Cords

In addition to standard patch cords, Pacific Interconnections  also provides several kinds of specialty patch cords, such as ribbon fan-out cords, MTP / MPO patch cords, mode conditioning patch cords and water proof pigtails. MTP patch cord cable assemblies
MTP patch cord is a multi-fiber patch cord suitable for high-density back plane and PCB solutions. MTP patch cord offers up to 12 times the density of traditional patch cords, providing significant space and cost savings.

MTP / MPO Patch Cord

  • High density and Compact size 
  • 4, 8 and 12 fiber count available
  • Push/Pull mating for quick installation
  • Save time and cost

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Fiber Optic Ribbon Fan-out Cords

  • 4, 6, 8 and 12 fiber count available
  • 2mm or 900um fan-out tubings
  • Jacketed ribbon cables
  • Replace large bundle of patch cords
  • Save duct space and installation time

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Mode Conditioning Patch Cords

  • IEEE802.3z(Gigabit Ethernet) compliant
  • Suitable for Gigabit BASE 1000-LX on MM cable
  • Eliminate Differential Mode Delay effects
  • Rugged and compact closure
  • Low attenuation 

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