PI supplies fiber optic DIN connector including LSA and LSA-HRL, which is compatible with fiberoptic DIN 47256. The single unit body DIN 47256 (LSA) fiber optic connectors feature spring-loaded free floating zirconia ferrule.  

Fiber Optic DIN Connector

  • Connector compatible with DIN 47256
  • LSA(PC) and LSA-HRL(8 APC) available
  • Compact size
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Boot of Telcordia type - side-pulling proof
  • High quality ceramic ferrule
This unique DIN fiber optic connector gives high performance in a small, DIN 47256 compatible design suitable for a wide range of applications. The DIN connectors are made of precision screw machined nickel plated brass for consistent performance and durability.

Connector Type Insertion Loss Return Loss Repeatability
(500 matings)
DIN LSA Single mode < 0.3dB 50 dB  < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
DIN LSA-HRL Single mode < 0.3dB 65dB (8 APC)    
DIN LSA  Multimode < 0.3dB - < 0.2dB△ < 0.2dB△
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