This leaves alien crosstalk, which cannot be cancelled because the sources of noise are not known and cannot be compensated for by the receiver.  


E2000-ST Fiber Optic Ribbon Fan-out Cord, SM 8-fiber, 900um

If the principal source of alien crosstalk is coupling between tightly bundled cables, then the only recourse may be to unbundle the horizontal cable, which may not be practical, especially if the cable is installed in a tray or conduit with many other cables.
  • High density interconnect replacing 12 connectors
  • 4, 8 and 12 channels available
  • Designed for single mode or multimode
  • Ribbons cables or bare ribbon fibers
  • Easy Push/Pull operation
  • Save space and cost

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Specifications  Price
JR-SM-8-13.4-A-E2000/SPC-9-1.91-B-ST/SPC-9-1.91 E2000-ST fiber optic ribbon fan-out cord, 8-core, SM, 900um furcation tube,  13.4 meter jacket ribbon, fan-out length - 1.91 meters Spec. Phone
JR-SM-8-13.5-A-E2000/SPC-9-1.92-B-ST/SPC-9-1.92 E2000-ST fiber optic ribbon fan-out cord, 8-core, SM, 900um furcation tube,  13.5 meter jacket ribbon, fan-out length - 1.92 meters Spec. Phone
JR-SM-8-13.6-A-E2000/SPC-9-1.93-B-ST/SPC-9-1.93 E2000-ST fiber optic ribbon fan-out cord, 8-core, SM, 900um furcation tube,  13.6 meter jacket ribbon, fan-out length - 1.93 meters Spec. Phone
JR-SM-8-13.7-A-E2000/SPC-9-1.94-B-ST/SPC-9-1.94 E2000-ST fiber optic ribbon fan-out cord, 8-core, SM, 900um furcation tube,  13.7 meter jacket ribbon, fan-out length - 1.94 meters Spec. Phone
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