PI's Fiber rack mount splice and distribution box features with simple operation and low cost.  

Rack Mount Splice & Termination Boxes

  • 19", ETSI or 23" rack mount

  • Provides fiber splicing, termination, management and storage in one unit

  • Economical design

  • High density - up to 48 fibers for a 1U unit and 96 fibers for a 2U unit when LC is used

  • Supports single and ribbon fiber splices

  • Top cover removable

  • Made from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets

  • Economical design

  • Guaranteed fiber bend radius >30mm


The rack mount splice and termination boxes perform fiber splicing, distribution, termination, patching, storage and management in one unit. The top cover is removable, and the splice trays inside is accessable from the top as shown in Fig. 2. Additional splice trays can be stacked on top to increase capacity. Each splice tray can accommodate up to 24 single fiber splice protection sleeves (with diameter of 2.3mm) or 6 ribbon splice protection sleeves. Splice trays can be opened individually and removed from the box. Excess length of cables/pigtails is stored in reels. The outside-plant cable input ports are located at the rear panels.
Model Capacity No. of Splice Tray Weight Size
ODF-RB1 24 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 2 3kg 45x482x300mm3
ODF-RB2 48 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 4 4.5kg 90x482x300mm3

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