Pacific Interconnections' fiber splicing, distirbution and cable management enclosure provides efficient cable connections between outside plant cable and equipment in the buildings and communication facilities. It integrates fiber splicing, cable storage, connector terminations/connections and cable management in a single unit.  

Fiber Distribution and
  Management Enclosures

optical distribution and fiber management enclosure
Rack System
  • Standard 19" rack
  • Full front operation; can be installed against wall, side by side or back to back
  • Complete cable routing design; fiber bend radius guaranteed more than 40mm
  • Modular design and convenient installation
  • Inlet cables upward or downward
  • Scientific arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units
  • Can be installed with value-added modular units, such as fiber splitters and WDM
  • Two front doors included

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Rack Mount Splice &
  Distribution Enclosure
  • Modular designed for 19" standard frame
  • Splice and distribution modules are installed inside
  • Each module has reliable positioning devices
  • Modules can be drawn out from the unit
  • Compact size
  • Capacity of 12 to 72 ports

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