High density 12-fiber ribbon cable is used in MPO/MTP patch cords, enabling an easy and well organized high-density installation with design flexibility and lower installation costs.  


MTP 8-Fiber 50um Pigtail

MTP / MPO patchcords and pigtails have applications of optical switch inter-frame connections, gigabit ethernet, CATV, video, active component and transceiver interface, premise installations, telecommunication and computer networks, multimedia, industrial and military.
  • High density
  • Compact size
  • 4, 8 and 12 fiber count available
  • Single mode 8 angled or multimode
  • Jacketed ribbons or bare ribbons
  • Push/Pull mating for quick installation
  • Save time and cost

Part #


Specifications  Price
MTP/F-PIG-8-50-B-0.4 MTP female pigtail, 8-fiber, 50um fiber, ribbon fiber,0.4 meter MTP Spec. Contact us
MTP/M-PIG-8-50-B-0.4 MTP male pigtail, 8-fiber, 50um fiber, ribbon fiber, 0.4 meter MTP Spec. Contact us
MTP/F-PIG-8-50-B-0.9 MTP female pigtail, 8-fiber, 50um fiber, ribbon fiber, 0.9 meter MTP Spec. Contact us
MTP/M-PIG-8-50-B-0.9 MTP male pigtail, 8-fiber, 50um fiber, ribbon fiber, 0.9 meter MTP Spec. Contact us
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