DIN fiber optic patch cords (patchcord) are now available from Pacific Interconnections. In addition to fiber optic DIN patchcord, PI also has MTRJ fiber optic patch cord, MPO/MTP, SC, ST, FC, LC, MU and E2000 patch cord.  


DIN fiber optic patch cords

It use DIN 47256 compatible connectors which featured with compact size and Zirconia ferrules. Singlemode, angled PC and multimode are available.

CRM-2 Pneumatic Crimper is specially designed for connector crimping. It can also be used for press-fitting joining ferrule and flange together. It is featured with user safe, high efficiency and compact size. It is excellent for fiber optic patch cord production

  Fiber Optic Attenuator Pacific Interconnections' fixed build out attenuators provide excellent performance for all fiber installations.



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