Brief Description

Pacific Interconnections Group consists of Pacific Interconnections LLC (PI) located in Washington USA, Pacific Technical Sales Co. (new name: Pacific Interconnections (HK) Ltd. (PIHK)) in Hong Kong, and Pacific Opticonnect Co. Ltd. (POC) in Shenzhen China. The group conducts business in a broad range of fiber-optic and communication passive products, equipment, and various fiber optic cable accessories, and even provides optical and electronic engineering solutions. PI of Washington USA involves with marketing and sales of the above products and items in North America, and the procurement of related products and items for its Hong Kong branch and Shenzhen plant. Its manufacturing and R&D arm, POC of China, is ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified. Together with PIHK of Hong Kong, we have an international network for the production, R&D, supply, and sales of quality and low priced products to customers in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Other than the products listed above, we also manufacture to customers’ specifications and requests even with customer supplied raw materials and parts.

Company History

Pacific Technical Sales Co. (new name: Pacific Interconnections (HK) Ltd.) was founded in Hong Kong in 1992. PIHK was into fiber-optic and communications business selling Corning optical fibers, fiber-optic cables, inspection equipment, electro-optical transmitter/receiver modules, and fiber-optic jumper cables and related products. Followed by this, Pacific Interconnections LLC (PI) was established in Renton Washington in 1993 as an import and export company engaged in the sales of optical fibers, fiber-optic cables, and related products to customers in China and Asia.  To expand the market in patch cords, optical distribution frames, and other cable accessory products, Pacific Opticonnect Co. Ltd. (POC), was established in China in year 2000 to manufacture products cost-effectively to customers in the world. POC was ISO 9001 and 14000 certified in 2006 to establish a foundation in product manufacturing and quality excellence.

Our Goals and Objectives

The main goals and objectives are to manufacture quality products, to conduct timely delivery of products, and to provide the best customer services economically to yield the maximum return of value for our customers. Innovation is also PI’s long-term goal. We continually deploy resources with creative concept to perform engineering researches and new product developments to expand and improve our product portfolio.

Our Services

Our services include the sale of fiber-optic raw materials, passive components, cable accessories, cable management products, optical and electronic engineering services, and total engineering solutions including applications for MCU and sensors for consumer electronics, industrial control and appliances.  Besides standard items, custom-made products to specifications are also provided.

Our Products

We carry a broad range of products listed as below:

  1. Fiber optic patch cords
  2. Specialty patch cords
         Ribbon Fan-out Cords
         MT/MTP/MPO Patch Cords
         Mode Conditioning Patch Cables
  3. Fiber optic connectors
  4. Attenuators
  5. Fiber optic adapters
  6. Optical distribution frames & enclosures
  7. Fiber optic closures
  8. Splitters, couplers and WDM
  9. Accessories
         Furcation tubes
         Cable markers
  10. Equipment and tools
         Pneumatic crimper

Quality Standards

Our associated manufacturing company follows strict international standards such as IEC, CECC, Telcordia, and YD/T to satisfy our customers’ demanding requirements for the best quality products.  Our ISO 9001 and 14000 certified Quality Assurance System is in place to assure the quality of products.  This Quality System starts with assuring the use of the best quality materials by working with and using reliable and reputable suppliers and maintaining adequate receiving inspection to weed out poor quality materials.  It also emphasizes the build-in of quality during the production process by utilizing the best equipment, the highly trained workers, and the most advanced inspection devices.  This well-tested Process Control System eliminates defects in process and thus constantly produces good quality products.

Customers and the Market

Our market and customers can be categorized into four areas:

  1. Customers: Telecommunications, Networking, and Cable TV.
    Products: Fiber-optic patch cords, attenuators, adaptors, optical distribution frames, fiber optic closures,
                     interconnect cables, etc.
  2. Customers: Patch cord manufacturers.
    Products: Fiber-optic cables, ferrules, connectors, part kits, furcation tubes, cable markers, 
                     polishing machines, and tools.
  3. Customers: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
    Products: Subcontract work assemblies with customer-supplied
  4. Customers: Equipment and appliance manufacturers.
    Products: Sensor application solutions and engineering services, including applications for MCU and sensor for
                     MCU and sensors for consumer electronics, industrial control and appliances.

For further information about our company, please feel free to contact us.

   Pacific Interconnections, LLC
   1022 N 33rd Pl.
   Renton, Washington 98056
   Tel: 425-2779527
   Fax: 425-2772599
   E-mail: info@pacificinterco.com

   Pacific Opticonnect Co., Ltd.
   5/F, Block G, Xing Hui Technology Park, 
   Huaning Road, Dalang, Baoan District
   Shenzhen, China
   Tel: 86-755-29195735
   Fax: 86-755-29195732
   E-mail: info@pacificinterco.com              


   Pacific Interconnections (HK) Ltd.
   Shop B, G/F 52 Bowring St., Jordan
   Hong Kong
   Tel: 852-23969078
   Fax: 852-23967591
   E-mail: info@pacificinterco.com

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