PI's Fiber rack mount splice and distribution box features with simple operation and low cost.  

Rack Mount Slide-out Type
   Fiber Distribution Enclosures

  • 19", ETSI or 23" rack mount

  • Provides fiber splicing, termination, management and storage in one unit

  • Easy frontal access

  • High density - up to 48 fibers for a 1U unit and 96 fibers for a 2U unit when LC duplex is used

  • Slide-out drawer

  • Each splice tray is removable for off-rack splicing

  • Universal adapter plug-in fits a variety of adapters such as SC, FC, LC, etc.

  • High density adapter plug-in - 12 fibers for SC and 24 fibers for LC duplex

  • Oblique installation of adapters to avoid laser hazard

Each distribution enclosure incorporates a slide-out drawer to allow full frontal access and operation. The slide-out drawer has universal adapter plug-ins on the patch panel and has splice tray(s) behind the patch panel. The universal adapter plug-in can accommodate a variety of adapters (see Fig. 3). It has high density and can house a maximum of 12 FC or SC simplex or ST or LC duplex or MTRJ adapters, 6 SC duplex or LC simplex adapters, and many other types of adapters. The adapter plug-in provides oblique installation of adapters to avoid laser hazard to eyes.
Model Capacity No. of Splice Tray Weight Size
ODF-SB1 24 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 2 2.5kg 45x482x300mm3
ODF-SB2 48 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 4 3kg 90x482x300mm3
ODF-SB4 96 (for SC, ST, FC) up to 8 5kg 178x482x300mm3

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