Our fiber optic inline closures have CLS-I48 and CLS-I96.  

In-line Closures

  • Suitable for aerial, cable duct, direct buried, pedestal and well applications
  • Can be used cables with diameter up to 36mm for CLS-I96 and up to 22mm for CLS-I48
  • 4 cable entry ports with 2 in and 2 out
  • Add-on style splice trays
  • Holds up to 96 single fiber for CLS-I96 and up to 48 single fiber for CLS-I48
The in-line closure comprises a bottom and a cover. The cover is secured with stainless screws. The closure is equipped with 4  cable input/output ports. Re-usable sealing gasket can be used for ease of maintenance.
Closure Type Size Weight Capacity No. of Cable Ports Fiber Bend Radius
CLS-I48 465x180x122mm3 2.6kg 48 fibers 4 < 30mm
CLS-I60 467x190x122mm3 2.8kg 60 fibers 4 < 30mm
CLS-I132 450x216x160mm3 3.5kg 96 fibers 6 < 30mm

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