Fiber optic mode conditioning patch cable is compatible to CAB-GELX-625=  

Cross Reference

  • PIL provides patch cables compatible to many industrial brand names
  • CAB-GELX-625 and CAB-GELX-500 compatible mode conditioning cable assemblies for 1000base-LX
OEM Part # PIL Part # of the Compatible Cables Description
CAB-GELX-625= (SC-SC) MCP-SC-SC-62-3.0-3

Mode conditioning patch cord, SC-SC, 62.5um, 3 m

CAB-GELX-625= (ST-SC) MCP-SC-ST-62-3.0-3 Mode conditioning patchcord, SC-ST, 62.5um, 3 m
CAB-GELX-500= (SC-SC) MCP-SC-SC-50-3.0-3 Mode conditioning patchcord, SC-SC, 50um, 3 m
CAB-GELX-500= (ST-SC) MCP-SC-ST-50-3.0-3 Mode conditioning patchcord, ST-SC, 50um, 3 m
CAB-SMF-Y-SC= SC-1x2-50/50-SM-3 Y cable, 1X2, SC, SM, 3m
CAB-MMF-Y-SC= SC-1x2-50/50-62-3 Y cable, 1x2, SC, 62.5um, 10 feet
CAB-SMF-SC-10= SC-SC-X-SM-3.0-3.3 Patch cord, SC-SC, duplex, SM, 10 feet
CAB-MMF-SC-10= SC-SC-X-62-3.0-3.3 Patch cord, SC-SC, duplex, 62.5um, 10 feet
CAB-MTRJ-SC-MM-3M= MTRJ-SC-X-62-1.8-3 Patch cord, MTRJ-SC, 62.5um, 3 m
CAB-MTRJ-ST-MM-3M= MTRJ-ST-X-62.-1.8-3 Patch cord, MTRJ-St, 62.5um, 3 m
CSS5-CABSX-LCSC= LC-SC-X-62-2.0-10 Patch cord, LC-SC, 62.5um, 10 m
CSS5-CABSX-LC= LC-LC-X-62-2.0-10 Patch cord, LC-LC, 62.5um, 10 m
7163 SC-SC-S-62-3.0-3 Patch cord, SC-SC, simplex, 62.5um, 3 m
7164 SC-ST-S-SM-3.0-3 Patch cord, SC-ST, simplex, SM, 3 m
7165 SC-SC-S-SM-3.0-3 Patch cord, SC-SC, simplex, SM, 3 m
7169 SC-ST-D-62-3.0-3 Patch cord, SC-ST, duplex, 62.5um, 3 m
NTUG85HA MCP1-SC-ST-50-3.0-2 Mode conditioning patch cord, ST-SC, 50um, 2 m
NTUH4333 MTRJ-SC-D-62-1.8 Patch cord, MTRJ-SC, duplex, 62.5um

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